Personal Reflections



Sure is at one point in our life we wish be someone, we dream to be in another place, in another time, in another family, in another home, doing another task.

When I look at the mirror I see a different person. And all I do is hate her in the mirror. She’s a ghost because she’s staring in front of her life lifeless.

I could tell by her eyes that she is tired. From that moment on I knew she stopped and I could not even compare her to a stone or a rock or a statue because I know somehow as the earth revolves they too are in motion even if it is invisible but she, she just stopped. While whole world, the whole universe is around her.

Purpose. Worth. Perseverance. I live by those words yet I am typing somewhere in our house right now. I can’t find those anymore. I became the girl in the mirror.Lifeless yet breathing. Maybe it isn’t just today. Maybe it’s my whole life that I continue to run and run exhaust myself. Trying to find an escape. Then it will take a little while to realize I am where I am again.

And right now if I could wish just one. I would like to be words. Floating in books buzzing into a persons mind, present in conversations, in children’s fairy tale books, in ones memories. Just to be remembered to remind myself I am alive. Just to have a purpose.

Being a word, I could be invisible without stressing why others would ignore me. I mean it’s understandable right? especially if those words would be heard or seen in a bad joke? or a really corny one?


Being a word means a little freedom.

How about you what do you want if you can change something?


I hope I can continue seeing my voice in writing. As of the moment I felt  lost and caged. Thank you for taking the time to read.


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Personal Reflections

Please Remember

When you are having trouble put your hand on your heart and tell yourself “You are alive for a reason, exhale and remember  you are loved by Him”.

Life is tough but you are stronger.

My Storms · Poems


I close my eyes

I felt my body paralyze

As my heart bruises

Where do this end I ask

How long can I last?

    Do you ever have that feeling of despair? It’s like you are in a middle of the ocean and day by day you get swallowed by the waves. Then you don’t know yourself anymore. You’ve been to a thousand battles and each time you pray you’d survive.