Personal Reflections



At this moment I’ve got tons of things to do. The more reason I haven’t written anything for a while.

Half of that reason is because I don’t do them at all. Ironic isn’t?

For the past days, I felt like nothing is going right. Except me watching the sunrise is really really comforting.However, feels like that cure expired already.

There is no pleasant way to say this, but I sucked at living. And I can’t confide it to anyone. They have their own to face anyway.

How can a young self like myself feels so down at this point in her life?

I don’t know

If I have a choice I wouldn’t want me be the me right now.

What is worth living?

Smiles and laughters.

When all you have is pain and hurting you can’t really see well. All you have are all those memories and yourself wishing it was all different.

Yet I think hope is when you realize you don’t live for yourself alone. You are honored and privileged to witness the greatest moments of those people around you.

You are lucky enough to witness their huge grins and their sparkly eyes when they achieved something.

I think when all “goals” fails to motivate you have to tell yourself just


And all will eventually go well.

You are blessed to be someone’s daughter, sister and friend.

I’l be reminding myself that.


Dear Self,

It’s wrong to dwell all those things that hurts you. Sorry for putting you through this. Be reminded that this is temporary.


Your older self.