Where are you?

( I miss you Pa, when I was a kid you gave me a blue teddy just like this.)


When the storm comes

And the strong winds blow

I put my head under the pillow


My heart shrivels in fear

And my body froze

The deafening silence is all I could hear


Then tears drizzle down my cheeks

I remember your sweet melodies

As you lulled me to sleep


We were once part of each other’s piece

Papa where are you?

You’ve forgotten your bedtime story and good night’s kiss.

Book Of Dreams: The Start of Journey


Here it is, finally, I’m taking baby steps to completing this art book.

And I’ll be posting my journey here. (Yays! I am excited.)

For a while, I felt that I’m actually pushing myself away because of school works and things that make me wake up early in the morning.

Day to day activities often dries me up. And I want to get in touch with “home”. And for me home is art. It is like a place where I could just get lost , and the same time felt found. My ultimate “reset button” it is art.

One day I was just strolling in the mall and I saw this book. Creative Awakenings: Envision The Life of Your Dreams Through Art by Sheri Gaynor.  

I am an art adventurer and for me, there should be a time for me to get to know myself. And there is no better way to do that than through art. So yes, I  decided to commit myself to this book, to explore more about me, my dreams, my wants, my dislikes, my world.

After leaving the store all I said is “Yep this is all I need”.

I bought this book from  BookSale for 160 pesos, or less than 4 dollars in US currency (quite cheap isn’t?) 

You could look that store up and if you happen to come here in the Philippines           (Iloilo City, where I am in and other cities nationwide) you can visit that place. They sell books which are cheaper but absolutely a nice find.

So, I am not paid to advertise the book, I just really want to share it with you guys because it actually makes me more creative and in love with art even more. I hope that in the course of my journey you will also pick out gems of hope and love along the way as much I do. 

So basically these are the cards that should be my guide for the next activity/activities. (They are quite beautiful)21169232_1938010523085721_754530902_o.jpg

Though, there are other ways on how you could finish the activities.                                           (As for me I shuffled the cards and let fate decide where my voyage starts.)

  1. You could do it by month ( So the book is designed for a 12-month art journey each month has a specific to-do-list.
  2. “You can travel page-by-page or cover-to-cover” according to the author.
  3. Or you can even make your circle and do it with your friends.



Ohh, wait before I forgot along with my voyage I need to have a Dream Book to which I will write everything, all the crafts, all my thoughts, and imaginations. This will be my buddy through out the experience. I’m still thinking of redecorating it, but for now, this is my “DREAM BOOK” <3.21170944_1938004549752985_428446289_o.jpg

I’ve already read a few pages of the book and I still need to finish a ” VISA and the MILESTONE PASSPORT” which is a prerequisite before I officially head on my travel.

Also, I started doing some activities related to my card of the month. Which I will post very soon. See you guys in the next art adventure.

Stay ARTy <3.


I just want to say thank you for reading my posts for giving me all this love in the span of just days after making this blog.

I really appreciate you guys so much.

More power,

Rio Abby ❤

Live While You’re Young; It’s NOW. Or Never.


The Girl with Ironwings

Warning: If you’re reading this from your Reader, it might’nt work out. So please read the actual post . You don’t wanna miss this out. ❤ Thanks!!

Girl, if you don’t do it now, if you don’t live now, then when will you at all?

You’re going to be 15 for only 365 days. And you could die at 16. Who guarantees you can’t die tomorrow, for that matter?

When your mom asks if you want to sleep in her bed, say yes. One day you’ll be in a hospital bed, and there won’t be enough room to make up for right now.

Stop being annoyed at everyone and everything. Just live through it. One day, you’ll be alone with no one to nag you. It’ll be quiet as death, and you won’t be able to travel back in time.

Stop cancelling plans. Go out and use your legs…

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What did I lost?


Or what will i find?


Lola(grandma) Isong thank you for being my strength

These past weeks I have been busy with exams and reports beating the deadline and hoping for a better grade.

There are times when i just feel tired and empty.

I have these “ifs” in my mind.

“If only you studied your Philippine Politics you could have answered the essays ”

“If only you were not lazy you could have finished your reports already”

“If only you studied your lessons you wouldn’t have to worry about the results of your midterm exams”

“If only you organized your schedules well you could have accomplished more task”.and the list goes on

Being 18, I want to do more with this time and oppurtunities I am given yet, I often feel discourage when I fail.

My mind repeats this cycle of failures in my head and sometimes I just want to say wait maybe I should give up, maybe this is not for me. Maybe I should just quit doing these activities because I won’t excell in it anyway.

When i’m stress, my number one stress reliever is cleaning          ( yeps starting from my room then to the rest of our house). 

As I am rummaging through piles of books I saw this small notebook which was given by my grandma. I haven’t opened it for a while. Scanning the pages I came across a poem I had written a year ago.
                  What I Lost
l. The breeze is warm under the sun

I think not of the sea

But the balls of clay I came upon

I stop for a while
ll.  I pick them up

I think not of what they maybe

Yet i throw them at the sea

Watch them vanish in each wave
lll. Then i run

I think not of my destination

Looking for something

I can’t find
lV. Then I stumble and fall

I think of this one ball of clay

Now reduced to pieces, in my hand

Gems and diamonds it contain
V.  I think of all the previous gems I lost

Trailed back to where I once stood

Sad yet hopeful

Now i will be finding my balls of clay again


I remember that I made this poem from the speech of a certain individual (he was the school’s superintendent) during my graduation in junior high. I could still recall that moment when I paused and reflected, then asked myself these questions:

How many balls of clay did i throw?

What are my gems and diamonds?

Are there people and things in my life that i took for granted?

Reading the poem I saw the picture of my grandma above it. And my heart twinge. Lola ( how we adress grandma in the Philippines) is so brave and strong. She sacrificed a lot  just for her sisters to go to school. Even if it means graduating in grade 6 and finding a job after. 

She would often remind us all her apos (grandchildren).

“Give importance to your family and always stand up to what is right and dont let your reputation be tinted”.

My Lola Isong is a phenomenal woman. At an early age she helped her father in the farm. She worked jobs, just to support her 4 siblings which became teachers and the youngest a midwife.

I look up to her, and to my family. Because despite the struggles that we have to go through, we remained a bundle of joy to each other.

As I close the notebook I realized that my family is my “gems and diamond

 During times of hardship I would feel hopeless and ask myself ” what did I lost”? I would blame myself for missed oppurtunities. 

When I should be asking “what will I still find?”

Lola might have lost the oppurtunity to study but she found happiness on seeing her sisters succeed in life.

As for me, I have a long way to go, perhaps there will still  be a lot of “ifs” in my journey. But I know that I have my gems and diamonds to stregthen me along the way.


P.s. I will write a biography of my lola soon.

Thank you for reading❤


Be free


Locked in this cage

My eyes were barren

And my body is cold


I ask myself what do I do?

Would I embrace darkness

Or chase the light


Oh freedom

Shower sunshine on my soul

Make me whole


Drizzle melodies in my bones

Lull me in your comfort

Yet stregthen me like an iron


For I stay here no more

I will now flap my wings and soar

Journey to places i’ve never been before




Bought a sketchpad
Then i draw sleeping cats
Paint the colors of spring

Dance with the winds
And listen to the rustle of leaves
As i sing

Melody resonates
Against the soft gleam of sunlight
Cheerfully butterflies take their flight

Glanced at my watch
Suddenly the time stops
I closed my eyes

It is in the hum of bees
the way the grass sways
In the cold breeze

That i remember those memories,
laughters and giggles
Of a little girl in her dress

Picking daisies
and dandelions
Then catches fireflies in the lush

It was vivid
A dream like image
where the edges almost fade

Perfect moments
Brought to life
In each stroke of a brush






About Me

“Not all of us can do great things.But we can do small things with great love.”

~Mother Teresa



At this age, I have been brought to the ups and downs of my life. I felt like there is a hole in my heart that I needed to fill. Like a missing part of who I am. I struggled real hard to find myself, I did so many things, I engage my self in doing activities in school, buy things others do, become an alien in front of a mirror. The more I do these things, the more I am becoming less myself.

Then one day I realize, I don’t need to look now where to find that missing piece. It is closer than I thought. A pen and paper are what I need and then I found this.

My passion for writing brought me to a wonderful journey of discovery.

I know now, that I don’t need to impress anyone, I don’t need to follow the trends and be someone I’m not. And I told myself ” their opinion should remain their opinion, who I am is not relative to what they want me to be”.

This blog is formed out of my love for writing, the thing that my heart seeks and where my soul will forever feel at ease.

Writing is home and will always be.

Thank you for reading. ❤

Much love, Rio Abby


16 things I learned this 2016

Keep Slaying😊


Every minute of every day brings new opportunities to learn something we’ve never know before. — Unknown

And this time I will share 16 of my many learnings this year. So keep reading and enjoy. 😉


Be independent and learn how to be alonebecause not everyone will stay and thats a hard reality that we have to accept.


Take your time and do not rush things because if you’re rushing things the outcome is usually not what we expect and its okay to procastinate and be a sloth all you want but always make sure you have time for what you are really supposed to be doing.


They are our safe haven, our comfort zone and our place of abode in times of inderence and criticism from the harsh reality of our naked world so spend more quality time with these…

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Reflecting on Four Years of Blogging

I Gotta Keep Going

The Captain's Speech

What if no one reads my blog? What if someone leaves me a really mean comment? What if I’m criticized? What if my ideas are only interesting to me? What if this blog is a mistake? What if I just go to sleep, instead?

Four years ago today, those were just a few of the questions that shook every bone in my body as I sat in my bedroom with the lights off, in the wee hours of the morning, and started this blog.

I think back to that moment quite a bit. It’s a good one.

At no point in my life did the thought of starting a blog ever cross my mind, until a few days before I actually did. As weird as it sounds, it felt like something I had to do. As if the universe was pushing me in that direction.

And I’ll be honest, most…

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