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Louisa Clark and I : An Autobiography




I am Louisa Clark if you don’t believe me chances are, you already have watched or read Me Before You, or you know Louisa Clark is halfway across the globe,or maybe you know she doesn’t really exist. Either way, you can call me a fanatic of her character but just a little bit more.

Like Louisa I am a daisy in a bunch of roses.I am a rainbow in the midst of a storm. And a melody in between the silence. Growing up I always feel like I don’t belong anywhere. Like Louisa being asked what do you really want in your life? Only the sound of crickets could be heard as my reply. And it is disappointing, just like how Mrs. Trainor reacted after hearing nothing from Louisa.

Later on however, I realized that it’s okay to be unique. That it is okay to not figure things out instantly. That it is okay to have doubts. It is okay to have your own phase in your sojourn in life.

And most importantly I realized that it is nice to wonder for a while. After all not all who wonders are lost right? So I started to wonder on this three questions. What is it that your heart seeks? Who are the people you really care about? And how would you want your life to be years from now?

I didn’t see it coming but Louisa’s character taught me how to answer those questions. It’s the simple joy of everyday rambles that actually gives life its meaning. It’s the way I hump my back in riding the jeepney because of tiredness then I would smile because I saw a little girl with her dad.

My heart seeks the laughter of children that magically vanish weariness from their parent’s faces. My heart yearns lullabies of love when they felt alone. Because above all, doing that cures my heart. Louisa’s love for her family,to the point that she is willing to suspend her dreams for a while inspires me to keep going. She found love in the most mundane circumstance and that love transformed her into a strong individual.

At the end of the day, no matter how chaotic or harmonious I may find myself in. My heart settles for what it speaks louder. Be a pediatrician. Never give up.

I have few ideas how to get there and nothing is certain. Yet, I must be willing to accept the challenges along the way and to see them as choices not as options.

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My first name means river in Spanish.While the second one comes from the bible, as what my father said. Being a girl has its perks. Though I secretly wish I was born a boy together with my brothers. Because growing up, who would be happy being their maid? Definitely not me.

I grow up in a small town where people know each others backyard like they know their name. And being born in November where my relatives would often come home for the All Soul’s Day didn’t help. Not because I don’t like the crowd but maybe because like Louisa I appreciate the thoughts in my mind when I am not saying them. Unspoken words are sweeter. And there is just a bit mystery when you are seeing things and not be one of those being looked at.

Years from now, I will create a new meaning not only for my name but for who I am as an individual.

As I traverse different paths in my life I only want 2 things: to maintain the sunshine in my outlook in life just like Louisa did and, to thank God always, for whatever I have right now, came from Him.

I am Louisa Clark not because I look like her but because I became a whole new person after I’ve seen love in the mirrors of her actions.

I am Louisa Clark because I am clumsy yet brave.

Old fashioned but fascinating and lastly I am Louisa Clark because I believe that the power of love can change you in ways you’ve never imagined.

And that is truly worth fangirling about isn’t?


About Me

About Me

“Not all of us can do great things.But we can do small things with great love.”

~Mother Teresa



At this age, I have been brought to the ups and downs of my life. I felt like there is a hole in my heart that I needed to fill. Like a missing part of who I am. I struggled real hard to find myself, I did so many things, I engage my self in doing activities in school, buy things others do, become an alien in front of a mirror. The more I do these things, the more I am becoming less myself.

Then one day I realize, I don’t need to look now where to find that missing piece. It is closer than I thought. A pen and paper are what I need and then I found this.

My passion for writing brought me to a wonderful journey of discovery.

I know now, that I don’t need to impress anyone, I don’t need to follow the trends and be someone I’m not. And I told myself ” their opinion should remain their opinion, who I am is not relative to what they want me to be”.

This blog is formed out of my love for writing, the thing that my heart seeks and where my soul will forever feel at ease.

Writing is home and will always be.

Thank you for reading. ❤

Much love, Rio Abby