You Just Don’t Know It Yet

Today, breath and appreciate the beauty around you.

Isn’t wonderful to feel the warm of sunshine on your skin?

The blow of winds in your face?

Close your eyes and listen to the birds chirping aren’t they happy?

Open your eyes and look at the trees, lifting their branches high

The vast sky is smiling at you

Hear the laughters of children around

Or soft words from old couples

Look at lovers just strolling by

Families sharing a cup of tea in a shade

Eating biscuits that they’ve made

Whatever you do

Wherever you are

Take time to listen, see and hear

All the wonderful blessings here and there

Maybe a phone call from a friend

A pat on the shoulder to know they care

Or simple acts of kindness from a stranger

All these things are sent from above

Know that you are loved



He takes care of you

Always on your side.

credits: Rio Abby


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