A Poem For My Mother


A view from near the lake – San Antonio Resort, Roxas City, Capiz, Philippines

Ohh Take Me

Take me to the rythm of your songs
To the waves of your gentleness
To the laughters of your children
To the warmth of your embrace

Make me sleep in the serenity of your lullabies
Let me the see the beauty in each wonders around me
Comfort me through teardrops from the sky
Shine towards my soul

Whisper words of love
Heal my broken wounds
I know you’re hurting too
Mother nature i will save you

credits:Rio Abby

A stroll at the bay -Fort San Pedro, Iloilo City,Philippines


I have taken photographs of mother natures beauty along my stroll, some of them are yet to be posted.

Let’s take care of our mother and our only home.

Feel free to give comments. I want to hear your thoughts. Thank you/Salamatūüėä




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